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The Thin Line

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The Thin Line


Capture Life is a project created by photographer Grazina Zizaite to support and raise awareness about the work of the natural birth and healthcare centre, Bumi Sehat in Bali.

Grazina's project offers parents soon-to-be the opportunity to capture on camera some of life's most beautiful and profound moments; the birth of a baby and the tender kindling of a new family. In return for this some of the photographs will be used in a touring exhibition named 'The Thin Line', focusing on the love, connection and wonder shared between parents and baby in the first moments of life. The funds raised from this will be donated straight to Bumi Sehat.

Bumi Sehat was founded to provide free essential pre and post natal care and basic healthcare to the people in the Ubud area who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it.

The work of Bumi Sehat is not only to save the lives of mothers and babies both in Bali, and worldwide through disaster relief, by providing pre and postnatal education, vitamin supplements, highly trained midwives and medical care; but also to support the right of parents everywhere to natural, gentle birthing, regardless of race or financial status.

What I do

My work as an international portrait and wedding photographer has taken me across the world to some truly incredible places, working with many amazing people. It has blessed me with a rich palette of experience to draw from; both in the ways of how to interact with people and situations to bring out the best photographic potential in a relaxed and fun way, and also to have a keen eye for the exact moment which tells the story of the experience most poignantly.

My focus in my work is to capture in light and shadow moments of raw beauty, so that their emotive power can be experienced again and again by many people. To do this effectively it is essential that I am acutely aware and sensitive to the delicate nature of these moments, so that my presence around them doesn't disturb or interrupt their intimate spontaneity. In this way I can capture these tender experiences between newborn baby and parents in the most gentle and subtle way.

My Mission

Yayasan Bumi Sehat means Healthy Mother Earth Foundation in Balinese. The name speaks of the centre's founding principle and drive; to build a happier, more balanced global community through returning to simpler, more natural birthing techniques. In the words of its founder, "Being born without trauma is a foundation for having an intact capacity for love and trust; healthy societies are made up of loving and trusting individuals".

My mission is to use my love of photography to tell the story of how, whenever possible, birthing in a natural, gentle way creates this foundation of love and trust; and to capture the very first expressions of its unfurling - a tear, a smile, the first touch of a baby's hand on the mother's skin, the wonder and relief in the parent's eyes.

I believe not only that women everywhere should have access to safe, natural birth care, but also that a more widespread practice of the Bumi Sehat principles could truly be a powerful and transformative force in the world.

The profits from my touring exhibition, The Thin Line, will support the work of Ibu Robin Lim and Bumi Sehat. I will also be donating a percentage from my portraits and wedding photography.